Robotics Workshop at National Youth Convention

Robotics is a multi-disciplinary tool that is being increasingly used worldwide in educational programs to motivate, excite, and inspire students about math and science. Our Robotics program provides hands-on experience with a level of mechanical engineering and exposes students to physics, mechanics, electronics, programming, vocabulary building and much more. A robot is a programmable mechanical device that can perform tasks and interact with its environment, without the aid of human interaction. Robotics is the science and technology behind the design, manufacturing and application of robots.


What we offer In our Robotics program is based on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics,) is designed to provide opportunities for skill-building based on development level. We want to help our next generation get to the level of innovation with the power of technology where inventions never end.


All necessary materials, including motors, gears, pulleys, wheels and axies, and laptops will be available for kids use. Great teamwork will be executed by completing the challenge. Robotic is the future of our next generations, which require not only math, science, social skills, but also require great ideas for great Inventions.

Our goal is to expose the youth of the Church of God in Christ to engaging fun, and meaningful STEM experiences that will have a positive impact on their lives in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering, and technology skills.

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