Robot Mania Summer Camps

These camps are designed to introduce the basics of NXT Robotics and programming as it teaches science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  For the Robot Cadet Camps, students will be introduced to Robotics and learn basic functionality.  Students will learn icon-based programming and be given a challenge each day to stretch their understanding.

For the Genius Camp, students will learn how to use feedback from sensors, applied mathematics and measurement to program their robot to navigate in its environment. In both camps, students will have the opportunity to complete multiple investigations involving partial inquiry and guided research, problem solve, work in teams, and document the what they’ve learned as they investigate how robots make decisions to navigate their environment. Curriculum covered aligns with National Science and Math Standards.  In addition to the hands-on components, students will hear “mini-TED talks” from Engineering Professionals, have a tour of the Georgia Tech campus, and also learn about the latest in Robotics.

Robot Cadet Camp – Rising 3rd – 5th grade

Robot Cadet Camp – Rising 6th  – 8th  grade

Robot Genius Camp – Rising 6th – 8th  grade