In an effort to ensure that each participant achieves their goals, STEM Compass is offering the following core programs. These programs will ensure that our community’s young people can reach their full potential.

YMCA Summer Camp – Robotics and Literacy

Plans are being finalized for our next events at the YMCA in the Greater Atlanta Area.  The program at the YMCA will feature one of our newest partners whose focus is on Literacy.   We are excited to engage our young people all over the city!

After- School Programs

One of the most underutilized time in a child’s day is right after the school day.  This is an opportune time to not only complete homework and projects, but also to expand on the school’s curriculum and explore new frontiers.  STEM Compass, Inc. has developed Common Core- and Next Generation Science-Based curriculum that can be customized to a school’s needs.  What’s more exciting than a STEM-based afterschool program!

Individual/Group Math and Standardized Test Tutoring

Focused attention to a student’s learning progress is often the difference between being a good versus a Great student.  We assess the current performance level of each student according to the common core and develop an achievement plan based on their placement.

Super Saturday Workshops

These half-day workshops are designed to spark your child’s interest in the wonderful world of STEM.  They are a perfect opportunity to explore something new and provide the needed introduction in areas of STEM including Robotics, Coding, Engineering Design, Science and many others.  After these workshops, students are excited to learn more in our extended week long camps.