We are Youth STEM navigators who motivate and educate our youth through a creative learning model with the goal of steering them toward STEM-related majors and careers.

With relevant, hands-on project-based learning with interactive technology as a focus, we provide quality workshops, camps, tutoring services, and after school programs within the greater metropolitan Atlanta area.

We also increase their awareness of and appreciation for the strong historical contributions of African Americans in STEM.

With our talented and passionate team of educators, professionals, and volunteers, our young people interact with the best in their fields as well as positive and engaging role models.



In an effort to ensure that each participant achieves their goals, STEM Compass is offering the following core programs.


Focused attention to a student’s learning progress is often the difference between being a good versus a Great student.


Volunteers – We Need You.  Share time, skills, connections, knowledge; all are welcome and appreciated at StemCompass. 


Mr. Michael J. Foley

Dr. Valerie Bennett

Mrs. Linda M. Avery

Mrs. Susan Collins Stutts

Mrs. Joi

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Mr. Eddie Bridgeman

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Dr. Valerie Bennett is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. She received a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Mechanical Engineering

President and Chief Executive Officer of SaiSai Group, Inc, an expert in small business and nonprofit financial management.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Avery and Associates Realty. An expert in business development and realty.

President and Chief Executive Officer of The SaiSai Group, Inc., is known as an expert in the area of small business and nonprofit financial management.

Human Resource Manager at Wahoo Fitness, strong background in regional sales commercial and residential.

Four decades of broad based experience managing the technical and business challenges associated with complex projects and programs in the government.


295 Cativo Drive
Atlanta, GA 30311
(404) 273-3717, info@stemcompassinc.org