LM Science and Engineering


LM Science and Engineering founded in 2004, is based on principles of Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Technology (SEMT™). While being firmly rooted in Electronic Engineering, diversity is exercised in the scientific areas that drive and the other Engineering areas that assist Electronic Engineering in its apogee. Serving Humanity with Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Technology is fueled by passion in these areas. This vision of serving has long been driven by the desire to use breadth and depth of knowledge in various areas to provide more thorough solutions, ideas, theories, inventions to the world.

The mission of LM Science and Engineering is “Serving Humanity with Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Technology.” We go beyond Technology with the additional intricacies to fortify our world. However, Technology is a key component as it feeds back into the ideas of Science, Engineering, Mathematics and other Technology.


  • The LM Science and Engineering ideology is entrenched in 25+ years of exposure and experience in various areas of SEMT™.
  • Provide Value Added Service due to breadth and depth of knowledge.
  • Aptitude for low-level technical details and detailed thinking with respect to providing solutions.
  • Talent for thoroughness with respect to solution research and solution formulation.
  • Passion and aptitude for Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Technology.

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