ATL READ, Inc. provides educational programming throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area.  Its mission is to build and broaden a culture of literacy among school-aged children that empowers them to achieve and lead in tomorrow’s world. This objective is achieved by partnering with reading mentors who read aloud once a month from some of the most engaging, grade-appropriate books that are aligned to the content students need to learn at their grade level.  Mentors build relationships with students at local “after-school” care facilities. ATL Read, Inc. provides mentor training as well as reading & discussion guidelines for each reading encounter. Our goal includes efforts to build personal home libraries for each child involved in the program….. FREE BOOKS!!!Recently implemented programs benefited from the following results:

  • Reading motivation and improvement;
  • Ongoing and consistent community engagement; and
  • Relevant connections to the real world.
 ATL Read, Inc. is uniquely qualified to consistently deliver these kinds of results with its highly competent team of educators touting a collective 50+ years of classroom leadership and first hand experience balancing the needs of administrators, teachers, parents and students.