Susan Collins Stutts

Human Resource Manager at Wahoo Fitness

Suzy joined Wahoo Fitness, a consumer package goods company in the fitness technology space 8 months ago. Wahoo is a connective device company developing and selling their products internationally. Wahoo is a technology start up that began in 2009 and continues to grow and innovate how people work out. Suzy is responsible for the Human Resource function at Wahoo. Wahoo is active in the Capstone Projects at Georgia Tech University working with graduating seniors to complete their final course work projects.

Prior to Wahoo, Suzy was a Regional Sales manager in the commercial and residential furniture industry with Lorts Manufacturing. Suzy represented the 10 Southeastern States selling directly to retailers, designers, hotels, country clubs and architects.

Suzy took a few years off to raise children and volunteer as PTA President of Sarah Smith Elementary School. During the PTA term, Atlanta Public Schools opened the first kindergarten Annex with the help of the PTA of Sarah Smith Elementary. Northside Youth Organization held Suzy’s interests as the largest public park in the southeastern states, representing a participation of over 2400 softball and baseball, 800 basketball and 1500 football youths. Suzy was responsible for fundraising, community partnerships, sponsorships and numerous support positions.

Prior to moving to Atlanta, Suzy spent 12 years with Macy’s West as the Employee Relations Director of the Cosmetic division, representing $98 million in sales, she was responsible for 5000 beauty advisors in 95 Macy’s stores as a liaison between the cosmetic companies and Macys. Suzy also held positions in Corporate Recruiting, Corporate Training and Executive Human Resources located in their corporate offices in San Francisco and Los Angelos.